About Us

Pharmalink is a private pharmaceutical distributor within the UAE. We specialize in importing medicines of the highest quality in order to satisfy patient needs and provide them with the optimum care. We have certain criteria for drugs we provide, the main ones being optimum quality and efficacy.


Pharmalink registers drugs from top manufactures in the world and distributes them to the population within the UAE in order to better their quality of life. These medicines have now become well known brands in the UAE market due to our hard work, perseverance, and the support of our partners.

Pharmalink not only registers influential drugs within the UAE market, we were also one of the first pharmaceutical companies to put our feet into the non-registered medicine market. In this way we have been able to prove ourselves as an influential pharmaceutical company when it comes to patient health. Especially since most of these non-registered drugs are life saving drugs that are essential in life threatening situations. We ensure the provision of these drugs to the hospital and through it to the patient in the smallest possible time period.


Pharmalink is not only a company, we are a family. We focus heavily on teamwork and integrating our different departments efficiently in order to deliver our promises to our clients. Pharmalink has a diversified and highly professional sales team that is trained to the optimum standards in order to effectively satisfy our client’s needs. Our sales department is aided and supported also by our finance department, operations department, Medical store, business development and Regulatory affairs department and Human resources department. Through integrating these different sections of our company, we have been able to reach the success and sustainable growth that you see today.


Pharmalink works under the strictest of work ethics in order to provide our customers with the fastest possible service. Our main promise is to our end users; our patients have the privilege of acquiring high quality medications from top world leaders in their respective fields in order to better their health.


We provide a large range of efficacious and cost effective medications to our patients. These range from childcare to cardiovascular drugs and even to life saving drugs. These medicines are distributed to all major hospitals in the UAE, in addition to chain and single pharmacies. For more information about our range of products, please click here.